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Brighton Beach Record Single

Brighton Beach Listen and Buy Now!

This great uplifting track from the "I Remember the Days Album" is available to download, stream and buy now from all your really great favourite major music stores and outlets including; Apple iTunes, CD Baby, Google Play, Amazon Music and Apple Music.

Gardening For Beginners Printed Book by Alastair Agutter

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For our great selection of specialist reference books covering topics like Tropical Fish Keeping, Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes in traditional print. Delivered world-wide by your favourite leading book stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.

I Remember the Days Album

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Please checkout and listen to our Great original Music Singles and Albums recorded on our own Record Label Pineapple Blue and in True Sound to hear how real music should sound. Our music of the 70's, 80's, 90's and today! On Digital Mp3, CD-ROM and Vinyl.

The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special
                Edition Digital eBook by Alastair Agutter

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Please visit our Great Digital eBook selection for instant downloads to read and enjoy from all your favourite major Book Stores world-wide like; Amazon Books, Google Play, Apple iBook, Kobo, Playster, Apple iTunes, Barnes and Noble plus many more.


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Misty Waters Record Single

Feeling the Blues "Misty Waters" New Single Out Now!

This great 'New' Blues Song I wrote "Misty Waters" is dedicated to our Brothers and Sisters in the New Country of the USA! And especially in the deepest Southern States like Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. As Folk continue to be spun lies by a tin horn in the White House, saying everything is safe, and OK. But as the story goes in the song, this mist keeps coming down, finding it's way into every part of our Folks Communities in the Countryside of the United States of America. With Folk going missing, roads becoming quieter, a mystery of the unknown!

The Discus Book Third Edition by Alastair Agutter

The Discus Book Third Edition - Now is the Time for Such a Publication!

The Discus Book Third Edition has been at the very top of my "To Do List" for a very long time. But in an era of instant gratification and silver bullets, I honesty felt such a book would not be enjoyed, or appreciated, for it's in-depth understanding of this highly evolved and intelligent majestic species. Also, considering the detailed Science, as to why such an environment is created for successfully keeping the King of the Aquarium. And finally getting back to the actual biology of our time honoured and noble traditional pastime of Tropical Fish Keeping as a Hobbyist - Out this Christmas!

The Canvas of Life Album

Authentic and Original "The Canvas of Life Album" on Release any Day!

Hi Folks, I am reluctant to share my thoughts on the release of this Great 'New' Album "The Canvas of Life" at this time. As our Pineapple Blue Records Label gets the edge over our competitors in the music industry. We know this is what our Music Lovers want at this time, and you will not be disappointed, when you hear this classic, in session, unplugged, original album, that is organically and musically brilliant. Produced in True Sound! We do want to tell you, our Patrons and Music lovers all, and so we will explain on the Album Versions when released and Coming Soon!

Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus eBooks by Alastair Agutter

A World's 1st a Best Selling Book on Making Your Very Own Fish Food!

I must confess, I really did have a good feeling when writing this book as a world's first. Just think of it, a recipe book dedicated to tropical fish, showing "how to" make your very own "High Protein Super Foods" and saving tons of money. I started making fish food back in the 1980's, to get Discus in a healthy condition, so they would breed. This even included Wild species. I knew writing this book would be a great move to help other Aquarists. And the recipes in the book would be a game changer for tropical fish hobbyists, so they too had healthy, happy fish!


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