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Hi Folks, A very "Big and Warm Welcome" to all my like minded dear reader friends and music lovers from around the World! Now, as we all know, there is a lot happening in these chaotic and crazed times. "Climate Change" this being one of them, and at the forefront of my mind everyday! Please remember to acquire a copy of my book "The Reality of Climate Change" if you have not already obtained one yet, thank you Alastair :)

News: Climate Change in Songs

For a couple of years now, I have been featuring Climate Change much more on many

The Weekend Magazine - Becoming Good Shepherds, Protecting our Environment

of my new songs, that are either out now on digital Mp3, vinyl, and CD-ROM release. I have also joined the "Woodland Trust," as we need to plant just in the United Kingdom over 1.5 billion more trees, so we can carbon (Co2) capture.

Listen Now to our Great Music

It still seems like only yesterday, but in the 90's, "Live Online" Web Radio was created, one

Listen Now to Our Great Music on Live Online Radio

of the world's very 1st on demand web radio stations developed by Alastair Agutter and Pineapple Blue Media, as Program Producer Partners with RealNetworks. You can still now tune-in and listen, to discover our Great Music from the 70's to the current day!

A Little History and Artist Nostalgia

If you want more, and love nostalgia, please checkout my "Aggie Music Biography" web 

A Little Nostaligia Aggie Artist's Bio Page

page, a nickname I might add, given to me at School back in the late 60's, and one that has stuck with me throughout my life among family, close friends, and professionally as an Artist's name in the music industry since the early 1970's.

The Weekend Magazine Beta 1.01

Please remember to checkout "The Weekend Magazine" (Beta 1.01) our 'New' up and coming

The Weekend Magazine Beta 1.01 a Free Mag App

Publication created and designed in Web5G. Taking web site design to an entirely new level by stealth, with a delivery of web site and pages that are 5 to 10 times faster, as referenced and explained in our book!


Brighton Beach Single Out Now!

Happy days are here again, with "Brighton Beach" a Classic British Rock feel good song!

Brighton Beach Record Single

Available to buy, download and stream now from all major music stores outlets including; Apple iTunes, CD Baby, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music.

Our Latest News and Updates

Please check out our "Latest News for our great music, books and environment. Plus

Web5G Website News

our great reference books specializing on Tropical Fish Keeping, Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes by Best Selling International Author, Musician, and Songwriter Alastair Agutter.

I Remember the Days Album

I Remember the Days is an album that takes you back in time, to the 50's, 60's and 70's,

I Remember the Days Album

with music I wrote from the 70's and 80's, plus new tracks celebrating the era. With tributes in the lyrics of bands who inspired me, like The Beatles. On Digital and CD-ROM.

Great Timing California Dreaming!

Timing couldn't be better with the release of The California Dreaming album this year.

California Dreaming Album

I didn't realize this year celebrated 50 years since Woodstock, a real purple period for classic rock popular music. Please enjoy the Album on Digital Download and on CD-ROM.


One of Amazon's Biggest Sellers

I wrote "The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition" in 2014, celebrating

The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special
                Edition by Alastair Agutter

25 years since the first Discus Book. The publication is in full colour, with around 200 images, and more chapters, including; a Community Aquaria chapter for Discus. Since the book was first published, it has become one of Amazon's biggest selling tropical fish books. The book also includes great recipes for making your own specialist fish food, and also a diagram of the Trickle Filter I invented and designed.

The Reality of Climate Change

The Reality of Climate Change I wrote a good few years back now, and guessed it would be

The Reality of Climate Change Book by Alastair

a slow burner, when it came to reader interest and sales, the book was already heavily priced down, and on some digital services, you can even acquire the book Free! I do not mind, or object to this, as the subject is so critically challenging now to the entire world. I wrote the book at the coal face as they say, explaining how family health and lives are being affected now and the devastation to our seas!

A Best Seller Now for Over 30 Years

The Discus Book 1st Edition I wrote back in 1988, and it was published a year later in 1989

The Discus Book by Alastair Agutter

recording my notes and successes breeding Wild Discus in captivity. I feared for the Discus and other Marine Life species in the Wild, hence the reason as an Aquarist I set up a breeding program for trying to breed the species. In fact, in the book, I wrote and warned of deforestation back then. Now after more than 30 years I am humbled to say the book continues to be a Best Seller.

Discover Your Green Fingers

Gardening for Beginners is another book I wrote some years ago to encourage Folk to

Gardening For Beginners Book by Alastair Agutter

become greener and more environmentally friendly, with plenty of great ideas, tips and advice on gardening successfully and growing your very own healthy organic food in gardens of any size and even in pots and tubs. Also ways to create a blaze of colour around the home for all the family to enjoy, and an environment to encourage wild life into the garden, creatures we are all dependent upon.


The Mariner A 70's Masterpiece!

The Mariner I wrote back in the 70's, around the time of Ace and James Taylor. The track

The Mariner Single by Aggie

I believe to be one of "The Best" of it's time, and I am just truly sorry the song was never released back then. But in truth, the music industry was a racket, and there were countless arguments and disputes over money, causing many great bands to break up, including The Beatles. So please enjoy Now!!!

The Canvas of Life Coming Soon!

Two of the most influential writers and musicians of our time are undeniably Joni

The Canvas of Life Album by Aggie

Mitchell and Carole King, and these remarkable Ladies are the inspiration for this album. The record tells the stories and experiences of life, the love, the setbacks, and the bad hands we are all so often dealt on our life's journey. Again the album is stripped back with acoustic guitars, drums, and bass, recorded traditionally.

Sounds Vinyl Album Out Now!

When I decided to write the Sounds Vinyl Album, it was about going back to the roots

The Sounds Vinyl Album by Aggie

of recording, with a true sound. The same methods used with The Band. The outcome was a success, and a genuine authentic sound was achieved like the past, as if played in your front room, where the strings bounce out at you, not a manufactured sound as warned by George Michael.

The Havana Coffee House Album

I have always been a big admirer of Latin Blues, and when I started to remove the dust

The Havana Coffee House Album

and rummage through the music I had written since the 70's, that totalled to over 100 original songs. And a good number of them were political Latin Blues. And so loving God's rhythm, I hope to have finished by Christmas "The Havana Coffee House" with Brass, Guitars, Drums, Piano and Bass etc played by myself.


Last Minute News Headlines

Late News Headlines - Music Book and Site News: Very special thanks to all my fabulous Music Lovers and Readers acquiring my Music, Digital eBooks and Traditional Printed Books. With more planned this coming year, plus further design upgrades to the web site in Web5G, including the early Beta 1.01 development of The Weekend Magazine, now available to read and access on "Free" Subscription. Thank You!


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