Children’s Weebies Fun Early Learning Books

As technology continues to be at the heart of our society today, early learning has never been so important and critical for our little ones. Early learning can be fun with the Children’s Weebies Family Series of Books.

Childrens Weebies Family Early Learning Book Series
The Childrens Weebies Family Early Learning Book Series.

Each book has a purpose, logic, and method, making it very easy for children learning to read, write, and count, at a very early age. Other books in the series teach Children about objects, colours, wild life, traditions, values and much more.

The vibrant colours of the Children’s Weebies characters and illustrations grealty help to retain the little ones interest and concentration.

The Characters and illustrations in these books, also help to encourage Children to draw and paint, being creative and thus in turn, learning very valuable hand co-ordination skills at a very early age.

Full details of the books and the series are located by using the link below, or by clicking onto the image!

Best Wishes, Alastair 🙂

Hobbies Interests and Pastimes Books

Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes, bring joy to many millions of Folk around the World. Such specialist books over the ages have served as great companions and valuable friends of reference, easy to hand solving problems and inspiring.

Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes Books
Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes Books for all the Family to Reference and Enjoy as Valuable Companions!

As the World rapidly changes through technology, we still all need that traditional support in the form of great reference books. To ensure our journey as a hobbyist is successful.

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Happy World Book Day – Special Thanks to Readers!

Special thanks to all Readers World-Wide acquiring my books, especially the Children’s Weebies Series, for early reading and Child development. Born from reading comes knowledge and enlightenment.

Happy World Book Day
Happy World Book Day News

For further details of my printed books for hobbies, interests, pastimes and child development. Please visit the Amazon Store with 70 – 85% discounts on Amazon Kindle Digital Book Editions 🙂

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Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus Latest Book Release

As we start the New Year of 2017 I am delighted to release “Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus Book” for all dedicated Aquarists and Tropical Fish Hobbyists World-Wide.

Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus New Book Release
Sit back and watch your fish grow by the day – Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus New Book Release!

A book such as this is well overdue with regards to knowing how to make Super Foods for your Tropical Fish, that are very High in Protein, and have all the essential vitamins and nutients, to bring your tropical fish into breeding condition.

Ever wondered how breeders and certain competition aquarists achieve massive sized fish with vibrant colours. Well now you can learn the secrets, by making your very own high protein tropical fish foods and at the same time, saving yourself a great deal of money by making your own fish food.

Your tropical fish will love the food and you will literally see your tropical fish growing by the day.

You will also notice how mobile and active they become exuding fabulous colours, which is a sign of happy, thriving tropical fish and disease free.

Please see and read more about this book now >

Enjoy, Best Wishes,

Alastair 🙂

Last Minute Gifts for Christmas that Last a Life Time!

Hello everybody,

Well, as we all know it is that time of year again. The Christmas Cards should of been sent, besides the postal strike. Christmas Gifts purchased before the Hoilday Break, subject to flight crew and ground staff on strike. So did you finally manage to get friends, family and loved ones a little something.

Printed Book Gifts
Traditional Printed Specialist Books, the Keepers of Wisdom and Knowledge. A Last Minute Gift to Last a Life Time

It is not always easy knowing what to buy a friend, loved one, or family member and that’s why books are a great gift. Better still, they last a life time.

My Printed and Digital Books here in the Amazon Store >>

Specialist books especially, as they become a treasured gift and a constant point of reference, for any hobbyist or sports enthusiast, be it Football, gardening to tropical fish keeping.

It just leaves me to thank you all for acquiring books this year. I am especially very grateful to each and every one of you in these very sad and troubling times.

As I work over the holiday, you will all be in my thoughts to wish you a very enjoyable and safe and Christmas with loved ones, friends and family.

Memories are the most priceless gifts off all and the only commodity one can take with them into the next life.

Peace and God Bless to all on Earth, Especially all our Wild Life Species that look to us to preserve and save the Earth from Climate Change.

Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair 🙂


My First Aquarium – New Book Release

Dear All,

My apologies for a lapse in my Blog Posts these past few months, but I have been burning the midnight oil working hard on this new publication, and finally I am delighted to bring this new book to all fellow aquarists.

My First Aquarium Collector's Edition Book
My First Aquarium Collector’s Edition Book – The Joy of Tropical Fish in Classic Retro Style – Written by Alastair R Agutter

As you can see, the book is over 380 pages, with a mass of information, drawn from my experience now spanning nearly 50 years, since taking up the pastime in 1967.

I was determined to write this new book covering all aspects of getting started in our hobby, but on the right path and getting the best advice to my readers based on my proven methods and hands on experience.

Tropical Fish keeping is a fabulous pastime and I would love to see more folk taking up the hobby again, as I think we all need other interests and there is nothing more relaxing.

They say in America, there are over 30 million households keeping fish, so to me that’s 30 million good reasons to acquire a copy of the book, where I know it will become a valuable companion and friend based on the vault of information found within.

The book covers countless topics, including fishes diseases, where I explain that the biggest killer to most tropical fish, and the contracting of disease, derives from stress.

The book “My First Aquarium” provides very sound advice on how to eliminate stress to any aquarists fish, so they become healthy, happy, thriving tropical fish.

I have also an important section on “Super Foods” in the book, for all hobbyists and aquarists, with great recipes for feeding your tropical fish with high protein food and with a step by step guide on how to make your own. You will not believe how fast your fish will grow!

I hope you acquire a copy, I know you will only benefit greatly from the book and I also know you will have far more success in your tropical fish keeping, than you could of ever dreamed.

This book is available in traditonal print from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all good book stores online and in your Village, Town or City Book Store if they order through the expanded distribution network for book retailers.

Buy Now Here From Amazon UK or Learn More >>

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Have a Great Holiday, Sincere Best Wishes to You All and Let’s Hope 2017 is a better Year for all Life on Earth,

Alastair 🙂


Breeding Angel Fish Tropical Fish Aquarist News

Dear Fellow Aquarists,

As many of you know who follow me, I currently have a number of Tropical Fish Hobbyist projects on the go as they say and one being the keeping, breeding and rearing of Angel Fish (Pterophyllum scalare), so my notes and work can be compiled into another new book I have planned later this year for all Tropical Fish Hobbyists and Cichlid lovers to enjoy and reference.


Breeding Angel Fish by Alastair R Agutter
Angel Fish Parent Guarding and Fanning her Eggs by Alastair R Agutter part of Breeding program for new book.

The picture above I wanted to share with you as a young pair of my Angel Fish after giving them some personal space away from the crowd, decided to spawn on Sunday after two weeks frantically cleaning the terracotta flower pots I have made into a biological filter.

As you can see from the picture above, some of the eggs have turned a creamy white and this is where the eggs have become fungus. The male and female show signs of becoming good parents and currently doing ever so well dutifully fanning the eggs and removing the few infected fungus eggs which is expected.

I estimate there to be around 300 eggs and will not be disappointed if on this first occasion all the eggs will eventually turn and become fungus, as I did not plan on this pair spawning as yet and have not really taken extra effort and diligence regarding the very best in water quality, for my main aim has been on feeding these two up so they reach a considerable size before they do breed.

The water Ph thus far in this aquarium is between 7.4 to 7.6 and in the neutral range and this is particularly favourable as my local tap water is between 7.5 to 7.6 and so I can carry out regular water changes. It is very easy to carry out water changes as a routine. Such activity at a specific times of the day does not phase the fish in any way, sometimes I have to gently move my fish away from the siphon pipe when they take no notice of me and fear I may catch one of their fins.

The current temperature of the water is at 28 centigrade, or 84 degrees Fahrenheit in old money as I say.

I will post more updates as events happen and before I forget, last year I promised that I would start a small aquarist journal online and have this week been designing the new layout and format so the publication is easy to navigate, covering articles, products and more from yours sincerely. Plus for our younger Aquarists especially, looking back over five decades and the many changes and where some of the old ways are still always the best, even today for the very best results in breeding and keeping.


The new “Tropical Fish Keeping Journal” web site link is and I will be uploading the new cover home page some time today.

In the meantime, sincere best wishes and the very best of luck with your tropical fish keeping,

Best Wishes,

Alastair 🙂

My First Aquarium ‘New’ Book Release This Coming Month

Dear Readers and Followers, It is now only a day away before we enter the month of July 2016. This past month I have been very busy involving Tropical Fish and Gardening Projects for new forth coming books planned. Ones that I know will be found to be very informative and helpful to folk.

A picture of a Polyatomic-ion Biological Reator developed by Author Alastair R Agutter for healthy tropical fish and plants covered in this new book My First Aquarium
A picture of a Polyatomic-ion Biological Reator developed by Author Alastair R Agutter for healthy tropical fish and plants covered in this new book My First Aquarium

We are now only days away from the release of “My First Aquarium” a new book I am delighted to have completed in the hope to encourage more folk to take up the traditional and noble pastime of Tropical Fish Keeping.

In this fast changing World today of technology, it is very easy to loose sight of our very own existence and the World around us. At times the World appears to be in continued turmoil and where I am sure many folk ask when will all this madness ever end.

Hobbies, pastimes and interests in uncertain times tend to take a back seat in folks lives when such trouble exists. But if we stepped back for a brief moment, we would all be able to see the great importance of Music, Art, Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes, for such activities are the very bedrock and foundation of a Civilized Society. Such interests give hope and inspire folk to gain greater knowledge of subjects, thus in turn providing us all with greater enlightenment.

I therefore hope especially for our younger folk who care about our environment and fragile planet that is home to us and countless other miracles of life. That by possibly taking up the pastime of tropical fish keeping, it will inspire many, especially our young folk, to preserve life and coupled with the power of their technology today in the form of smart phones and PC’s, can come together with this pastime tradition to share news and ideas via social network. For at this time we need many more tropical fish hobbyists to become breeders, for many remote parts of our World is now enduring the ravages of Corporate Industrialization, resulting in countless thousands of animal, marine, insect and plant life species becoming extinct.

The new book “My First Aquarium” provides comprehensive detailed information and facts on getting started, to successfully take up the pastime to become a competent Aquarist and in the hope that you begin a breeding program of your own to help contribute to civil society in a positive way and to help preserve our marine and plant life species under threat.

I will publish here further details on the book’s release date and availability world-wide distributed by my publishers and partners in traditional print and on digital.

Sincere Best Wishes to You All,

Alastair 🙂

Brexit Reality and Facts Beyond the Myths and Political Economic Lies

As the World knows the United Kingdom has just held a referendum and the people of Britain have decided to leave the European Union.

Right up to the referendum vote, we have heard lots of alarming Statements by Politicians, Large fat cat International businesses (corporate thugs) and criminal bankers responsible for the biggest economic collapse internationally in history.

Nearly four decades of greed, corruption, distrust and negligence has led to Brexit
Nearly four decades of greed, corruption, distrust and negligence has led to Brexit

So what is the truth and reality regarding Brexit, should we believe the views of Bankers and Economists. The truth is no!

I wanted to see the United Kingdom remain in the European Project for National Security reasons and in the hope, just maybe one day in the near future we may have a Politician with integrity to lead Britain and bear down on the utterly mindless bureaucrats in Brussels.

But instead folk have decided to leave Europe and so what is the economic reality. The biggest concern for Brits is the Economy and Immigration.

Economically the IMF, HM Treasury and others are talking out of their hat when it comes to the “Great European Market” and here is why. Fact in the early 1980’s through to the 1990’s my former business made luxury sporting goods, even for individual World Champions and National Teams. The European Market was just 2 to 5% at very best over the life time of the business before it was sold. Our biggest market was the USA selling between 60 to 70% of goods. This myth about the great European Economy as the biggest market in the World is just spurious nonsense and clap trap.

Fact again, Politicians keep saying immigrants bring great business opportunity and wealth to Britain. The folk they refer too are mainly property spives and speculators from Russia and Corrupt State officials from the Middle East and Africa pushing up the cost of housing in Britain, or large Corporations who would even sell their own granny and registered as offshore entities, deliberately active in Tax avoidance and Evasion. Not paying their way, or contributing to society and part of the corrupt elite establishment circle in Westminster and the suburbs of North West London.

Fact Public Office (Politicians and Local Councils) began to die in the Thatcher era where the cancerous dog eat dog and look after number one spread out from the trading floors of London and like a virus contaminated the whole of society, where self interest and personal greed became an acceptable face of Britain for many. Politicians were no longer serving the public or Nation but their own miserable selves. For over three decades Britain has been in Social and Economic decline.

Fact, economic decline has continued for over three decades at the cost of a Nations people and not the protagonists responsible for financial instability and collapse (2008) these being bankers, currency and market traders who keep telling the World that the Stock Market is the greatest example of Capitalism, but again this is a great lie for every Government and Politician has been a party to allowing the biggest socialist bail out in history in the form of Quantitative Easing (printing money) and propping up these exchanges and banks the social elite.

Fact, over 60% of the World’s inventions and innovations over the past Century have emerged from the creative people of Britain and where many of these creations and products are now the intellectual property of Foreign businesses as a result of British Banks over decades failing to lend and serve the Business Community of Britain for growth.

Fact Banks are back to their bad old ways lending money like confetti against mortgage equity in housing. Fact National and Economic Financial figures are fraudulent, as it is claimed last Christmas banks lent over £4 billion in consumer credit. But reality is the figure is over £20 billion again and therefore going down the road of ruin.

Fact, the pound weakening is good not bad, as it encourages overseas customers to buy more, allowing for greater manufacturing and export opportunity. This in turn providing long term employment opportunity for the folk of Britain.

Fact, Banks threatening to leave is a nonsense as these spives exploit Britain as a result of weak financial legislation and where still none of these vile people have been locked up over the financial crash. Or have Politicians got the stomach to take these and other corporate thugs on. Which should be the case as they are all responsible for Tax Avoidance and Evasion.

The vote to brexit by the people of Britain is where a tolerant people have ran out of patience. All they see around them is hardships, closing of public services, corruption in National and Local Government, Housing Crisis, Child Abuse, Elderly Neglect, Rising Crime, Corruption across all public institutions and where all effort is placed on covering up unforgivable wicked criminal acts, rather than standing up to serve the people and a Nation’s Children.

The above are the facts and until there is strong leadership in politics and have politicians serving the people, not themselves, being “in or out” is academic!

Further reads “My England A Broken Nation Book” by Alastair R Agutter on Amazon.

Sincere Best Wishes,