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Creating Faster Web Sites by Alastair Agurtter

Creating Faster Web Sites in a Virtual World

"Now the Human Journey in the World of Technology begins to Explore even in a Virtual Environment the World of Quantum Mechanics and Natural Branching." ~ Alastair R Agutter

The largest project in history, as Humans collaborate with technology to compress the packet data of the entire World Wide Web, thus optimizing every web site creation.

Are you ready and prepared as a webmaster, site owner or web developer professional to join "The New Internet Super Highway" born from a Virtual World and now here ready today in the real world for making the changes, to deliver services that are at least 3 to 4 times faster, it's the 21st century, so now it's technology by stealth.

Welcome to 'The New Internet Super Highway (TISH)' for all readers and fans, seeking information on the new advances for Internet users today as the human race embarks on its next journey in the World of Particle Matter, Fusion and Quantum Mechanics.

Here below are details of TISH (The New Internet Super Highway) where through human collaboration with technology all of the World Wide Web's data can be compressed making delivery of services at least 3 to 4 times faster.

How it All Began

Last year (May 2013) when testing Company and Corporate web sites to improve performance, I had one of those Eureka moments. After several days, I began to map out in my mind the possibility of "Shrinking The World Wide Web" and "Making it Faster", as I had noticed the bounce rates of the web sites in question to be at an alarming rate, with a loss of web users averaging 40% plus. So in other words, if 1,000 web users wanted to visit your web site, there is every chance over 40% at least of all web users, if not more, were never getting there!

I looked at the technology of the day and web tools available and began to develop a process of optimization and also compression of the data in the web pages and on the web servers. In the six months of testing and running the new creation. I was able to reduce the bounce rate to around 7% and this was even when using an authored new HTML 5.0 architecture that many browser developers are still migrating.

I continued to refine the process where the new technology advancements in web optimization were developed in HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0 and ISO W3C standards of Quality Assurance. I also developed and applied compression on rich media content including images and even introduced a mapping process to use one image for may be 10 to 20 or more links and processes. But the biggest breakthrough has been, the technology passes on optimization in the 90% range if not higher and the sites are 3 to 4 times faster. "The New Internet Super Highway" has been born and I am currently building a Mobile Platform to join this new sphere to meet the 21st Century in human advancement. I plan to write a book in the coming weeks on "The New Internet Super Highway" where it shows how from human collaboration with technology, every web site has the opportunity to become superfast.

I understand in the news and media, two budding academics have grasped the nettle and I hope my book as the creator and inventor along with my writings and notes in the 'New Book' will serve to be another humble contribution to the community, for the further advancement of human evolution as we begin to understand Quantum Mechanics.

Creating The New Internet Super Highway Book (Paperback or Digital) - Finally Out Now!

The new book "Creating The New Internet Super Highway" will venture into the World of super computing technology, including Natural Law, Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics giving an insight to how "The New Internet Super Highway" functions and how it will evolve replicating the Universe's evolutionary journey I describe as the "Big Soup" that surrounds us all and how data collection and thought, plus technology development of products, tools and services are all connected by a natural branching process and by adopting this technology advancement for the good of human evolution. Where from engagement in the largest human and technology collaboration project the data networks for the delivery of information can become 3 to 4 times faster at this stage.

The current human condition of most only allows for the comprehension of technology advancement from tangible visible objects for understanding. However as the human race now begins to explore particle matter and other finite fields of advancement in biochemistry and organic processing.

This book will begin to help unlock the human power of thought to look beyond always seeking a visible proof of discovery and accepting a condition of change from hot wiring to then understand how an expanding framework can function in a far more optimized way and where facet levels of logical process can ensure a more cohesive and resilient environment of functionality.

This book "Creating The New Internet Super Highway" will serve as a follow on from "Getting Inside Google's Head Book" available now directly from my publishers and distributors Amazon Group world-wide to buy now here!

Creating The New Internet Super Highway Book is available from Amazon World-Wide in traditional print or electronic digital format using the following links for the Amazon Store.


Getting Inside Google's Head Book (Paperback or Digital) Providing The 13 Critical Key Elements For Web Site Optimization

If you are interested in testing your web site, and curious after the recent launch of my new book "Getting Inside Google's Head" (print and digital ebook editions). The 'Test Links' below will bring up the mobile results first, that will no doubt be of interest to you. Where the reports, clearly demonstrates and substantiates the books worth and my competence and experience as the creator and developer of The Internet Super Highway. A technology I created and designed called;- "The Internet Super Highway" where it will operate as the largest collaborative program in the World. Where humans and technology work together to data compress all the web sites, so they are optimized on the World Wide Web and become, 3 to 4 times faster, reducing the lose of customers, but in fact increasing web site traffic!

Once the validation service of the mobile results has finished with reference to these pages on the mobile platform. You can use both services free at W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and GT Metrix to check out your own web pages and sites performance by entering your web site(s) URL's (Uniform Resource Locators).

I hope the results from this web service, will help you to quickly draw a caparison and be a suitably impressed as an endorsement of my ability, to venture into buying a copy of my latest book "Getting Inside Google's Head", where the book covers the 13 critical key elements, for online your web sites success in business, institution, organization or as a passionate enthusiast or blogger.

So please use the links below to start validating and testing the performance of your web site(s) and web pages!

Start Validating and Testing Your Web Site(s) and Web Pages Performance

You are welcome to use these links to carry out 'Regular Tests' as we continue to use the service:-

W3C Validation Test For:- HTML 5.0

W3C Validation Test For:- CSS 3.0

Optimization + Speed:- Test Your Page

W3C Quality Assurance:- Test Page

Getting Inside Google's Head, my new book for optimization of your web site, is available through my publishers and distributor at Amazon or from all Good Book Stores.

Please find the following web link to order a copy of "Getting Inside Google's Head Book" today world-wide. Please also remember, when buying the paperback printed edition.

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 17th December 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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